MEDI-LAB Ltd. has been working as a Medical Trading and Servicing company since 1993 after its foundation in 1992. Our goal is to distribute such high quality instruments and in vitro diagnostic products in the field of healthcare, and hospital laboratory diagnostics which meet the price and professional requirements of the national and international market.

MEDI-LAB imports products from the European Union and the United States. We ensure quick and exact shipment from our storehouse with our own means of transport, or a short forwarding time of direct delivery from the producers with MEDI-LAB acting as exclusive distributor. For our distributed instruments we provide warranty time and post warranty services through our servicing partner. The application of the audited DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system in our company is an assurance to our customers that the ordered medical products will be stored appropriately and will reach our customers through the highest quality of conveyances.

Our customers are: hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical centres, family doctors, etc.

MEDI-LAB distributes and takes the distribution of laboratory diagnostic products, from reagents to instruments, for medical and industrial purposes.